Aimee Toth, New Principal at Roxbury Village School


Aimee Toth to be the Principal

of Roxbury Village School in Vermont

After three years as the Associate Director for Elementary Education at UVEI, Aimee Toth is moving on to the principalship of Roxbury Village School in Roxbury, Vermont. While at UVEI, Aimee made tremendous contributions to the Teacher Intern Program, enhancing our approach to coaching elementary interns, incorporated teaching of best practices into our seminars, and improving the quality and rigor of our assessments of competency. Aimee also led the effort to expand UVEI’s partnership work in districts, directly contributing to practice-embedded professional development for over 300 teachers across six school districts.

The mission of UVEI is to prepare and inspire educators to impact learners, classrooms, schools and communities. Our faculty continuing this work in different roles is an important way that UVEI contributes to the community of educators.

In talking about her vision for leadership at her new school, Aimee is not going in with preconceived ideas of what needs to change. Instead, she said, “I want to work collaboratively with all members of the school community to find ways to make school more engaging, relevant, and effective for students.” As a teacher educator, it is no surprise that Aimee knows the teachers are critical to this. Her goal is to “support teachers in creating a vision for collective and individual growth within their school” both for students and for teachers.

Aimee will be taking the rich experiences she has had at UVEI with her. “One of the most amazing things about my time at UVEI is that I got to be a fly on the wall in dozens of schools throughout the state over the last three years.  I’m here to report that there are wonderful things happening in education through the passionate dedication of educators in all corners of Vermont.  I have treasured the moments of deep collaboration with educators from novice to experienced as they work to support students.  There is much to be proud of in the way that Vermont’s schools are innovating!”

Aimee’s relationship with UVEI is not over. “Some of the smartest, most experienced, and most caring people I know in education work at UVEI.  I will certainly be enlisting them as an educational brain trust and hope to continue to partner with them in the many ways they offer.” If you have been one of Aimee’s students, you should do the same to her! At UVEI, we believe that our coaching relationships with our candidates and participants are never over. If you want Aimee’s advice, support, or partnership, she will still be reachable at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you, Aimee, for all that you have contributed! We are so proud that you will be continuing our shared work of growing teachers and engaging kids. The teachers, students and community of Roxbury are lucky to have you!

Page Tompkins, Executive Director
Upper Valley Educators Institute