Becky Wipfler, MEd

My life as an educator evolves every year. From the time I started my teaching career -- working in a special education pre-school --  to teaching first grade, to providing academic support to middle school students to, most recently, serving as a sixth through eighth grade reading specialist, one of my main areas of focus and passion is differentiation through a workshop model. Creating an environment that provides appropriate accommodations and supports for students with diverse learning styles is central to my philosophy of teaching and education.

As I now begin my work at UVEI, I have that familiar “first day of school” feeling of nervous excitement and anticipation. I look forward to sharing my passion for the workshop model and supporting all learners at all levels of education. As this year goes along, I’ll be thinking about how my new role informs and expands my thinking about being an educator. I know it will be challenging and inspiring because that’s what being an educator is all about.

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Rebecca Wipfler, MEd, UVEI's Elementary Education Coordinator and Program Faculty is primarily responsibility for coordinating the pedagogical training of elementary education interns.  She comes to UVEI with nine years of teaching experience in elementary and middle schools and was, most recently, the Literacy Coordinator/Reading Specialist at Richmond Middle School in Hanover.  In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she coached new and veteran teachers and facilitated a team of teachers interested in school-wide improvement.  Becky graduated from the State University of New York, College at Genesco and earned a Master of Education in Literacy from the State University of New York, Plattsburgh.  

After completing a UVEI Master Inquiry class, Becky wrote this piece about how the professional development experience influenced her practice as a coach at Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH.