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  • Areas of Endorsement for Teacher Certification


    UVEI offers certification in the following areas:

    • Elementary Education (K-6)
    • Art Education (K-12)
    • English (5-12)
    • Mathematics (5-8)
    • Mathematics (7-12)
    • Social Studies (5-12)
    • Chemistry (7-12)
    • Earth/Space Science (7-12)
    • Life Sciences (7-12)
    • Middle Level Science (5-8)
    • Physics (7-12)
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish

    Dual Endorsement

    UVEI offers a second endorsement for secondary school Interns highly qualified in two areas (e.g., English and history, physics and math).  Interns seeking a second endorsement must be well-prepared academically in both areas and must successfully complete supervised internships and the required Praxis exams in both. Interns seeking dual endorsements should expect to complete additional performance assessments, praxis exams, and portfolio requirements.

    Certification of UVEI Graduates

    The Upper Valley Educators Institute is a nonprofit corporation, independent of any other educational institution.  The program is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET).  UVEI is approved to recommend teacher certification to the Department of Education of the State of New Hampshire, and UVEI graduates routinely earn Vermont certification. 

    Graduates of the program will be accorded consideration for licensure by the members of the NASDTEC Compact which includes 44 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam have signed this interstate agreement. 


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  • Our Approach

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  • Teacher Interns and Graduates

    The Upper Valley Educators Institute contributes to the improvement of education by helping mature, remarkably talented people enter the teaching profession. UVEI's Class of 2018 carries on this tradition of excellence. In addition to their solid academic preparation, many interns had experience in other careers before deciding to become teachers.


    The Current Class

    Sixteen individuals from a wide range of experiences and professional backgrounds comprise the Teacher Class of 2018.  Our interns live throughout New Hampshire and Vermont, and some have relocated to the northeast from other parts of the United States to participate in the program.  

    This photo of the new class and faculty was taken at orientation in August.

    To find out how you can become a UVEI intern, see the Request More Info button located at the top right of this page.  

    Our Graduates

    More than 1000 men and women have graduated from the program.  On average over the last three years, 87% of UVEI teacher graduates found positions as full- and part-time teachers, education specialists, assistant teachers and permanent substitutes, while some graduates work in other education-related fields including school libraries or in guidance.

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  • Teacher Internship Program Overview


    The Upper Valley Educators Institute offers an accredited teacher preparation and certification program, based in actual school classrooms and designed for adult college graduates who have usually had other careers before deciding to become teachers.

    A Model of Competency-Based Learning

    The UVEI model differs significantly from university graduate programs in education.  Believing that teaching is an art best learned through practice, UVEI reverses the percentage of time traditionally allotted to academic theory (with us, 20%) vs. classroom practice (80%).  In our internship, each candidate works full-time in a classroom under the supervision of a mentor, chosen from among the best professionals in the region.  This year-long internship, separated into two placements of four months each, focuses on the mastery of 10 teaching Competencies, all of which must be demonstrated by the intern in order to graduate.  This experience is reinforced by weekly seminars and by observation and support from UVEI faculty coaches, who are highly-experienced educators.  At the end of their internships, graduates have studied the topics normally covered in conventional academic programs, but they have been able to integrate these concepts as they acquire a full year of teaching experience.

    UVEI's reputation for preparing outstanding teachers is very well-respected. By the end of the preparation period, UVEI graduates have worked in two schools, at two grade levels, and are ready to enter the profession as teachers who have a strong sense of what 21st Century learners need to succeed. Schools that hire UVEI graduates know that they are getting a teacher who not only has demonstrated teaching ability but who brings a wealth of other wisdom, skills, and insights, as a result of experience as a parent, in prior careers, and through years of independent learning. In a challenging job market, such a combination of prior learning and "world-class" preparation makes UVEI's graduates much sought-after.

    Read about how a recent UVEI graduate applied her experience during her first year teaching.

    As one area principal put it,  I had the pleasure to work with a UVEI graduate - an incredible teacher. His second career was his best career: English Teaching. A gifted teacher who applied his life experiences to his daily work, he knew first hand the skills, content, and understandings students would need to be successful in college and the work place. He made a difference every day.


    How the Program Works

    Interns begin with a self-directed induction period in July, an orientation in August and ongoing seminars that take place once-a-week from August through early June.  In the classroom, their responsibilities are increased gradually and deliberately. They instruct classes, work with small groups of students, handle crises, and otherwise function as real teachers. They are expected to report to school early, attend staff meetings and parent conferences, grade papers, and prepare materials at home. There are times during the year when the pressures on interns of the program become quite great. This pressure is neither accidental nor contrived. Pressure in teaching is a reality with which interns must learn to cope with skill, resilience, and humor.

    Work Side by Side with a Mentor Teacher 

    The mentor teachers in whose classes interns work are chosen from among the best professionals in the region. Interns are observed and supported by faculty coaches on the UVEI staff who are also highly experienced educators. The purpose of the seminars and the aim of the mentor teachers are the same:  to help interns develop and prove their competence as classroom teachers. Demonstrating each of 10 teaching competencies is by far the most important requirement for successful completion of the program.

    Read about a recent mentor's experience working with a UVEI intern.

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  • Teacher Standards of Competency


    The Upper Valley Educators Institute teacher internship program believes that great teaching is based upon mastery of a core set of teaching competencies that can be both articulated and documented. Our competencies are based on the National InTASC Standards for Leearner Development. These core teaching standards outline what all teachers across all content and grade levels should know and be able to do to be effective in today's learning contexts.  In addition to demonstrating competency, candidates must meet the participation requirements of their internship, in seminars, in practicums, and through individualized learning modules.

    1 Understanding how learners develop

    2 Understandingand responding to learning differences

    3 Fostering safeand productive learning environments

    4 Understanding the content of the discipline

    5 Applying content knowledge

    6 Assessing student learning

    7 Planning for instruction

    8 Engaging students in learning

    9 Engaging in professional learning

    10  Collaborating with colleagues

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  • The UVEI Difference

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