The Adventure of a Teacher Intern

If you are thinking about becoming a teacher there must be something special inside of you that desires to share, inspire, give and empower.  You must be wondering how you can make a difference in a community, in the life of a youth or see discover more about yourself.  If this holds true, then becoming a teacher, an educator, an advisor and a role model, is the path for you.

Whether you are naive about the challenges of teaching or are nervous and overwhelmed, the Upper Valley Educators Institute will be there to guide and support your journey.  Along the way you will be tested by rigorous academic performance, challenged by teaching in the classroom and overwhelmed when learning with your cohort.  By the end, however, you will emerge with a teaching identity of your own that is harnessed by a preparedness to go out into the world and not only be the teacher you envisioned yourself to be, but have the necessary toolkit to do so.    

The experience and exploration that UVEI offers into the life of a teacher is unique.  You will receive two placements, two mentors, and two opportunities to become a member of a school community as you shape your craft through practice and performance in the classroom.  One day a week you will gather at UVEI to share your experiences, philosophies, concerns and techniques with your cohort and dedicated faculty who are bent on implementing the best practices of education in the attempt to meet the needs of all learners.  

Education is perhaps one of the most complicated, vulnerable, vital and rewarding aspects of the human endeavor.  It will test you, and bring out emotions of laughter and angst.  Not everyday will be bright and sunny, you will need to build your own shelter for comfort and warmth, but you will grow with direct experience as you are pulled between the strenuous demands of your placement, UVEI and your personal development.

Teaching is not for everyone.  UVEI is not for everyone.  But if you are driven to make a difference, treasure the opportunity to shape and inspire youth, welcome challenge and adversity and want to expose, use and build on your strengths and weaknesses then teaching complimented by UVEI is for you.  

With honesty and encouragement.

Davey Ozahowski

Davey Ozahowski is a member of the Teacher Intern Class of 2017.