Curriculum and Assessment Specialization

UVEI offers a Curriculum and Assessment Specialization option as an enhancement to our Principal Internship Program.  This specialization leads to a recommendation for a Director of Curriculum license in Vermont and Curriculum administrator license in New Hampshire, and may be taken while in the internship program or afterwards, as a graduate.  


To earn this specialization, candidates will have to meet the following requirements:

1.  Complete the Principal Internship Program

2.  Complete the “Instructional Program Analysis Performance Assessment” (which is part of the Principal Internship Program) at the level of “applying” or above

3.  Complete the Curriculum and Assessment Specialization Learning Strands sequence

4.  Complete an Action Research study or Change Project focused on improving instructional guidance systems

5.  Complete a master’s degree that incorporate additional/advanced study in program/curriculum leadership (including but not limited to the UVGSE MEd in School Leadership)

Depending on the pathway a candidate takes and how they approach their course of study, some of this criteria may overlap.

Eligibility for Specialization

Those eligible for this specialization need to be either (1) concurrently enrolled in the UVEI Principal Internship Program or (2) an alumnus of the UVEI Principal Internship Program