Admission and Application to UVEI


Admission Process and Requirements

UVEI accepts applications to the Teacher Intern Program throughout the year. Orientation for the Class of 2018 will be held in August 2017. Applicants to UVEI must have completed a bachelors degree in the arts or sciences. Most importantly, successful candidates must be committed to working with young people.


The admission process normally begins with the submission of a completed application. Candidates for admission must also submit a current resume, official transcripts from all previous coursework, three current letters of recommendation and respond to two essay questions. 


Once a complete application has been received, along with supporting materials, UVEI staff will review the application and may invite the candidate for an interview. 

Admissions Committee

Admission to UVEI is decided based on establish criteria, developed by the Academic Committee. The admissions committee meets to evaluate each candidate and make an admissions decision. Criteria include:

  • Academic readiness – this includes an analysis of the candidate’s transcript to ensure that they have sufficient subject matter preparation for the endorsement they are seeking

  • Life experience - Advanced degrees or career and life experience—which may include volunteer work or raising a family—are distinct advantages

  • Commitment and prior experience working with young people

  • UVEI philosophical match

  • Initiative

  • Readiness for the complexity/uncertainty of teaching

  • Growth orientation

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Qualifications – a BA degree, basic skills exam, subject competency, and a completed application are requirements of admissions.

Admissions Decision

Based on the admissions committee’s review, there are five possible decisions:

1.    Admitted

2.    Admitted with conditions – Candidates in this category may be required to complete extra requirements, such as supplemental coursework, prior to completing the program

3.    Provisionally admitted (see provisional admissions/enrollment below)

4.    Denied admissions

5.    Action is deferred  - the candidate remains in the pool for consideration at the next admissions meeting

Candidate Decision

Candidates who are admitted have several options:

1.    Candidates may accept admissions by submitting a non-refundable 1% tuition deposit to guarantee enrollment.

2.    Candidates may decline admissions

3.    Candidates may defer admission – Admitted applicants may choose to hold their admission for one year, in which case no additional application materials will be required. 

Provisional Admissions/Enrollment

Applicants may be “provisionally admitted/enrolled” pending completion of additional requirements until they meet all of the admissions pre-requisites (such as passing required tests, submitting additional references, etc.). Provisional admissions/enrollment may mean:

  • Candidates may commence the program. Provisionally enrolled Interns must meet all tuition obligations while they are participating.

  • Candidates’ work while provisionally enrolled will “count” towards program completion once they are fully enrolled.

  • Candidates who are provisionally admitted are ineligible for Title IV funds. Those seeking Title IV funds should work closely with the Program Associate to address any outstanding issues prior to Federal Financial Aid deadlines.

  • Candidates must be fully enrolled in order to complete the program.

  • Candidates will be informed in their provisional admissions letters what the remaining requirements are in order to become fully enrolled. Candidates will also be informed that they are ineligible for Title IV funds pending full enrollment.


As a condition of starting the program, all applicants are required to take and pass the Praxis Core exams in reading, writing and mathematics. Scores need to be sent to UVEI and to the State of New Hampshire (UVEI School Code:  3630). Teacher interns must also pass a Praxis II content test in their endorsement area(s) as a condition of program completion.  We strongly encourage interns to take Praxis II in their endorsement area(s) by mid-way through the program. 

Praxis information can be obtained by calling 609 771-7395 or on the web at https://www/

Interns with an endorsement in elementary education are also required to pass the Foundations of Reading exam as a condition of program completion. Information about this exam can be found at http://www.nh.nesinc. com/Home.aspx

Praxis Core, Praxis II and Foundations of Reading scores must be reported to both the State of New Hampshire and UVEI (CODE #3630).

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How To Apply

To access more information bout applying on line: online form.

To request an application form by mail or to receive additional information, call UVEI at 603 678-4888 or send request by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.