a principal or teacher

When schools change lives, it is because of the vision, commitment, skills, and passion of the teacher and leaders. Through real school and classroom experience, over the course of one year, our students earn graduate level licensure under the guidance of UVEI’s seasoned faculty mentors.


your practice

The most accomplished educators never stop improving and developing. Join UVEI for accredited professional development to continue your growth towards becoming a master teacher, teacher leader, or school leader. Far from traditional professional development, our programs emphasize collaboration, practice, and feedback.


your masters

Mastery comes from advanced study and practice. Practice and performance oriented, our programs help you become the educator you want to be. UVEI offers advanced degrees for teachers and leader seeking to develop skills to benefit students, colleagues, schools, and communities.

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Learning by Doing

UVEI programs differ from traditional schools of education. Rather than emphasizing content and class time, our programs emphasize learning in actual schools and classrooms, work with mentors and coaches, and relevant and applied seminars.

Focus on Outcomes

For almost half a century, our mission has been to prepare, inspire and support teachers and school leaders to improve the quality of education for learners and their classrooms, schools, and communities. A steadfast focus on what an educator must know and be able to do—is the heart of the UVEI approach. 

UVEI prepares, inspires and supports teachers and school leaders to improve the quality of education for learners in their classrooms, schools and communities.  We do this by engaging reflective educators in developing their knowledge, understanding and clinical practice for the benefit of their students and colleagues.



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