Principal Candidate, Kate Leathe, ’19, has been hired to be Fair Haven Union High School’s assistant principal next school year. Congratulations, Kate!

Kate reflects on what brings her to leadership:

I have spent my career at Fair Haven Union High School (FHUHS) in several roles. I worked for two years as our Section 504 Coordinator before taking a position as an English teacher. I loved teaching English, especially when I saw my students blossom into confident writers and speakers. However, I found myself continually looking for ways to stretch myself, learn new things, and take on leadership roles. When I had the opportunity to apply for a formal leadership role, I felt like it was the right place and time to push myself even further.

As the Dean of Students and a Proficiency Based Learning (PBL) Coach at FHUHS, I get to have so many meaningful interactions with students and teachers every day. There is certainly added stress with this position, however I find myself energized each day by the notion that I can help move our building and our community in a positive direction. I have been given the opportunity to enrich instructional practices, forge stronger connections with our families, and provide a safe and welcoming environment for our students. All of this work can be demanding, but I come into work and leave every day knowing that I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

No matter what role you have in a school, make trust your number one priority. You cannot force others to go in the direction you think is best. Rather, they have to be excited about the path you set out in front of them, and choose to walk down it with you. Be transparent, be honest, and be humble. No one expects you to be perfect, but they do expect you to be a good person. Do what you say you will do, and admit when you’re wrong. These simple things will carry you far.

I see myself as proof that everyone can grow if they are open to the possibilities presented to them. Don’t be afraid to take the leap, or even just the next step. Great things await those who work hard, believe they can achieve, and help others believe in themselves.