The Barbara Barnes Initiative for Collaborative Learning at UVEI is hosting a two-session inquiry cycle on equity-centered problems of practice in schools.

The 2020–21 Barnes fellows, who last year piloted a design to foster equity-centered conversations over multiple weeks across several schools, are seeking to improve the design this spring. They will be facilitating a two-session inquiry cycle in which an educator presents an equity-centered problem of practice for discussion, takes action after the first session, and returns to the group with evidence and reflections on their learning for a structured follow-up conversation.

The first of these sessions is May 11th and the second is May 25th, both 5:00–6:30pm through zoom.

Please reach out if you would like to participate. We are seeking both participants and a presenter! If you have an equity-centered dilemma or problem of practice that you would like to get feedback on and take action on, or if you are curious about presenting but want to inquire further, please contact Chris (