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About UVEI

Over Forty-Five Years of Experience Preparing Individuals for Careers in Education

Our Mission:  UVEI prepares, inspires, and supports teachers and school leaders to improve the quality of education for learners in their classrooms, schools, and communities.  We do this by engaging reflective educators in developing their knowledge, understanding, and clinical practice for the benefit of their students and colleagues.

For over forty-five years, the Upper Valley Educators Institute has been helping talented adults with wide-ranging experience become great teachers and school leaders. At the Upper Valley Educators Institute, we are firmly motivated by one core value:  children need and deserve great teachers and great schools.

UVEI differs from most traditional schools of education by reversing the percentage of time allotted to academic theory and classroom practice (for the Teacher Intern Program, ours is 20% and 80%, respectively).  Our teacher candidates spend four days a week, full time, in a classroom with a mentor teacher and one day at a UVEI seminar in Lebanon, NH.  Principal interns work full time in a school alongside their mentor and other administrators, and attend two monthly cohort meetings.

UVEI ‘s programs are based on two related, foundational concepts:  experiential learning and competency-based assessment.  Each competency is demonstrated by the intern at the level expected of a beginning teacher or beginning school leader.