UVEI Academic Dean, Chris Ward, Named to National Leadership Fellowship

Deans for Impact selected Chris Ward, Academic Dean of the Upper Valley Educators Institute, as an Impact Academy fellow. He joins an elite group of 24 educational leaders who will work together for the next year to create transformative change in educator preparation.  Together, fellows form a collaborative network to workshop challenges in the field […]

Schools Should Grow Their Own Leaders

The fact that so many school districts in New England face a shortage of qualified school leaderssuggests that school districts may want to “grow their own.” Often, as principals retire or move on toother districts, school officials realize that they already have potential leaders in their midst. Hanover High School appears to be “growing their […]

Kristen Liu Joins UVEI as the Literacy Educators Program Coordinator

Kristen Liu has joined the Upper Valley Educators Institute (UVEI) as the Literacy Educators Program Coordinator and Program Faculty.  She assumes primary responsibility for coordinating the pedagogical training of experienced teachers who are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills as a literacy teacher. “I am thrilled to join the faculty at UVEI and coordinate […]

UVEI Faculty & Staff Summer Reading List 2021

By the end of the school year, many educators find the stack of books on their nightstands piled high. At least for me, this year’s stack was higher than it has ever been. Maybe because of all the suggested reads on equity, maybe because the pandemic had me checking my phone a little too much. […]

UVEI Faculty & Staff Summer 2020 Reading List

After months of tireless commitment to helping our candidates through school closures and remote learning, as well as endless Zooms, it’s time to unplug. UVEI faculty and staff share their summer reading lists, pulling from the worlds of social justice, antiracism, deeper learning, and national trends to inform their work with novice teachers, experienced educators, […]

You Can Take Some Praxis Tests at Home

What a year. If you’re a new teacher, experienced teacher, or a teacher leader, you know that we’re in the midst of an unprecedented shift in how schools work. We are thinking of you all and working with many of you to be the teachers and leaders you want to be. Thank you. Despite the […]

Participation Strategies are KEY to Engaged Students

My job at UVEI has allowed me the time and space for reflection, the opportunity to see lots of instruction in many different schools, and to learn a lot about teaching. Among the many aspects of my own practice I’ve rethought, participation strategies are an a-ha! breakthrough. It’s not easy to rethink existing teaching practices, […]

Deeper Learning: Presentation & Discussion on November 20th

Join us on November 20th from 5:00 – 6:30. Deeper learning is learning that is more relevant, rigorous, authentic, and engaging than traditional approaches. Last year, UVEI faculty partnered with more than thirty K-12 educators across nine schools in a year-long study focused on deeper learning in general, and student collaboration specifically. Coordinator of graduate […]

2019 UVEI Faculty Summer Reading List

The summer months, with more daylight hours and the promise of rejuvenation for weary teachers, provide a perfect opportunity to read deeply. UVEI faculty members share their summer reading lists, pulling from the worlds of math, feminism, creativity, leadership, and national trends to inform their work with novice teachers, experienced educators, teacher leaders, and principals. […]

Five Reasons We Belong in the Classroom

In case you haven’t heard, teaching IS inspiring, despite what national headlines about education might have you believe. There aren’t too many jobs out there that allow you to do intellectually stimulating work, impact young people (sometimes in life-changing ways) and make a decent living. If you need more convincing, here are five reasons why […]

Quit Your Job and Start a Teaching Career Without (Too Much) Fear

You’ve always thought about teaching. You have a career right now that’s, well, fine, but teaching has always been in the back of your mind. The appeal of teaching is not hard to imagine: teaching makes a difference in kids’ lives. Sounds cliche? It’s not.   But it’s natural to worry about what such a […]