Congratulations, Kate Leathe!

Principal Candidate, Kate Leathe, ’19, has been hired to be Fair Haven Union High School’s assistant principal next school year. Congratulations, Kate!

Faculty 2018 Summer Reading List

The summer months, with more daylight hours and the promise of rejuvenation for weary teachers, provide a perfect opportunity to read deeply. UVEI faculty members share their summer reading lists , pulling from the worlds of history, science, leadership, and national trends to inform their work with novice teachers, experienced educators, teacher leaders, and principals. […]

From a Different Point of View

Through the lens of a teacher: Like many of the members of my UVEI cohort I started the program in August as a teacher,  who would continue to teach full time while completing the UVEI Principal Intern Program. Initially, all of my conversations, papers and projects were influenced by my fifteen years of teaching experience.  It […]

Lessons from the Co-Teaching Trenches

This year, I have the pleasure to work closely with a dedicated group of teachers from the Fall Mountain Regional High School (FMRHS) as they begin their journey as co-teachers in their classrooms. General Education teachers co-teach with Special Education teachers in groups where identified and general education students learn together to meet the Common […]

Promoting Powerful Relationships with Postcards

During my first in-service as a real teacher, one of the principals in my district gave this advice: “They won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” There have been times in my career when I have fought against this. Why should they work for me? Aren’t they working for […]


As I prepare to embark on my new journey from being a math teacher at Williamstown Middle High School in Vermont to become the principal of Barre City Elementary School in Vermont, there are times when I ask myself, “What am I getting myself into?” Those thoughts are usually pushed out of the way when […]