Literacy Educators Program

Teachers, even accomplished teachers, may not have the specialized skills they need to teach reading and writing at all levels. 

This program is designed for experienced teachers who are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills as a literacy teacher.  Our licensure program is designed for experienced educators who want to deepen their knowledge and skills around literacy teaching, as well as delve into literacy leadership. 

This is a two year program; at the end of the first year, candidates are eligible for a NH Reading and Writing Teacher recommendation, with the second year leading to a recommendation as a NH Reading & Writing Specialist. At the conclusion of the second year, candidates are also eligible for recommendation as a Specialized Literacy Professional in Vermont.

The Literacy Education Program is intended to advance career goals related to teaching literacy (literacy interventionist, literacy core teacher), informal teacher leadership (modeling effective practice, leading professional development, facilitating grade level and department collaborative learning, peer coaching), and formal teacher/school leadership (serving as a literacy specialist).

“The UVEI faculty and staff are extremely kind, understanding, and flexible. The program gives you countless opportunities to apply your learning in your classroom. The learning environment is supportive, encouraging and growth oriented. You are so much more than a number at UVEI.” – Marisa Kiefaber, Literacy Educator Candidate

Program Overview

Experiential Learning

The UVEI model differs significantly from university graduate programs in education.  Believing that teaching is an art best learned through practice, UVEI reverses the percentage of time traditionally allotted to academic theory (with us, 20%) vs. classroom practice (80%).  In our program, each candidate works full-time in their classroom under the supervision of a mentor, ideally within their school or district.

The two year program focuses on the mastery of 10 literacy educator competencies, all of which must be demonstrated by the candidate in order to complete the program.  The classroom experience is reinforced by weekly seminars and by observation and support from a UVEI faculty coach, who are highly-experienced literacy educators.  At the end of the program, candidates have integrated theory and practice as they become skills literacy teachers and leaders.

How the Program Works

Candidates begin with a self-directed online module at the end of the summer, an orientation in September and ongoing seminars that take place once-a-week from mid-late September through early June. The program is clinically intensive, meaning the majority of the work consists of deliberate practice in a school setting under the guidance of an experienced literacy specialist. The faculty coach meets with the mentor and candidate periodically throughout the program to provide support and feedback. 

Weekly seminars are primarily intended to engage candidates in experiential inquiry, to emphasize collaborative learning, and to frame and deepen fieldwork as opposed to “covering” material. In the Literacy Educators Program, the cohort will meet as a small group approximately once a month. The other weeks, the cohort will join the MEd cohort for inquiries into Lesson Study, Analysis of Student Work and Reading Assessment, and Deeper Learning. 

Performance assessments are the culmination of inquiry cycles and provide evidence of candidate progress towards competency. There are asynchronous online modules for candidates to complete independently and the material is discussed in a collaborative inquiry in seminar.


The Literacy Educators Program can lead to recommendation for licensure in New Hampshire and Vermont. The two year program leads to recommendation as a Reading and Writing Specialist in New Hampshire and a Specialized Literacy Professional in Vermont. It is possible to enroll only in the first year of the program for recommendation as a Reading and Writing Teacher in New Hampshire only. Candidates who are enrolled in the two year program must have a qualifying Master’s Degree or concurrently enroll in the MEd in Literacy Leadership at UVGSE (or qualifying program at another institution). 

Admissions Information

Applications should include:

Official transcripts sent directly from post-secondary institutions.  (A Bachelor’s degree is required for admission.)

Application and $40 application fee.

Essay responses and current resume.

Copy of current educator license.

Three letters of recommendation.

Admissions Process

Your application should demonstrate your experiences and your interest in literacy education.

  1. Request our application packet
  2. Submit application, $40 application fee, and supporting materials
  3. Interview with UVEI faculty
  4. The admissions committee evaluates each applicant and makes an admissions decision.
  5. If accepted, submit $75 enrollment fee
  6. Work with faculty to establish mentor and finish any additional requirements described in admissions letter

The whole application process, from start to finish, typically takes about two months. The earlier you apply, the smoother the whole process will be.

Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

Typical tuition for the Literacy Educators Program is $9,730 for 14 credits. Tuition may vary depending on individual pathways chosen.

Additional fees include

  • $40 nonrefundable application fee
  • $75 nonrefundable enrollment fee

Other costs associated with program participation include, but are not limited to,

  • books & technology
  • required exams

Scholarship Opportunities

Merit-based Byrne Scholarships are offered. Contact UVEI for details about the merit-based scholarships.

The P.E.O. is a philanthropic organization where women can achieve educational goals through scholarships.

Local chapter contacts:

Juli Coombs, the Vice President and Educational Committee Chairwoman

Suzanne Pendergrass or 917-941-3649

Financial Aid

Depending upon the candidate’s background and what endorsement(s) the candidate seeks to earn, additional coursework, or its equivalent, at another institution may be required. Every effort is made to make UVEI financially feasible. UVEI offers several sources of financial assistance, including Pell grants, Stafford loans, private loans, and need-based Byrne Scholarships. Financial assistance is awarded based on a financial needs assessment and fund availability. Contact UVEI for details about the financial aid process.

The financial aid process begins with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We recommend applying online at the FAFSA website, Be sure to list UVEI’s school code, 034373, in the appropriate space on the application. After your application has been processed, UVEI will receive the Student Aid Report and will work with each intern to help make UVEI program financially feasible.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Complete information about our cancellation and refund policy.

For an application or more information, please contact or request more information.