Literacy Educators Program

Teachers, even accomplished teachers, may not have the specialized skills they need to teach reading and writing at all levels. 

This program is designed for experienced teachers who are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills as a literacy teacher. Educators who wish to complete the full program will also have the opportunity to expand their instructional leadership skills in the area of literacy. 

This is a two year program; at the end of the first year, candidates are eligible for a NH Reading and Writing Teacher recommendation, with the second year leading to a recommendation as a NH Reading & Writing Specialist.

The Literacy Education Program is intended to advance career goals related to teaching literacy (literacy interventionist, literacy core teacher), informal teacher leadership (modeling effective practice, leading professional development, facilitating grade level and department collaborative learning, peer coaching), and formal teacher/school leadership (serving as a literacy specialist).

For an application or more information, please contact or request more information.