“The coaching and collaboration I received through UVEI helped to make me a better and more aware leader. As a principal, I draw on the ideas and skills I gained every day to create a shared vision at our school, build a strong school culture, and develop teachers.” 

Lauren Amrhein, ‘18, Principal of The Ray School in Hanover, New Hampshire. 

Elementary and secondary principal interns spend the school year working alongside their mentor and other administrators. The intern’s administrative responsibilities expand gradually and deliberately. Interns work with department or grade level teams, observe and evaluate teachers, participate on school improvement teams, handle student issues, collaborate with parents and community agencies, attend district-level administrator and school board meetings, serve as the LEA at special education meetings, monitor activities before and after school, and function as the principal when the building administrator is absent.

The program thus introduces interns to the realities of the principal’s world.

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