There are a number of pathways for an educator to enter the UVEI Principal Internship Program.  Here are the routes most frequently chosen.  The staff and faculty at UVEI stand ready to help assist you in creating your pathway.

1. Succession Planning

The fact that so many school districts in New England face a shortage of qualified school principals suggests that school districts may want to “grow their own.”  Often, as principals retire or move on to other districts, school officials realize that they already have potential leaders in their midst.  These may be exceptional teachers or guidance counselors who have proven their talents in working with students, colleagues, and the community.  Superintendents, principals, and school board members are looking within their schools to find, encourage, and support the next school leaders to emerge.  The UVEI internship is an ideal avenue.

2. District Sponsored Leadership Development

Many districts are seriously committed to enhancing the quality of school leadership.  School officials may wish to encourage the professional growth of a school or district staff member whose emerging leadership attributes align with the district’s leadership goals.  In some circumstances, an emerging leader might be hired on a provisional basis to step into an administrative role.  The district may wish to expedite this leader’s advancement to licensure.  UVEI’s program allows this to happen within the academic year.

3. Sabbatical Leave

Most teacher contracts have a section identifying the criteria required for a teacher to apply for a sabbatical leave.  What better way for a talented educator to spend a sabbatical than in preparing to serve the district in a leadership capacity through UVEI?  In most cases, this process must begin well before March, when new contracts are prepared.

4. Self-Supporting Candidacy

UVEI provides access to federal tuition grants and loans for qualified candidates who are in a position to support their own professional advancement.  Our staff is here to provide assistance  with the process and specific directions for applying for FAFSA, as well as other loan and grant programs.  Higher salaries for principals may allow candidates to recoup the cost of their training.

5. Partial Release

Those seeking a principal’s license who want or need to continue teaching often arrange for “job share” situations which allow them to fulfill the UVEI internship requirement while continuing limited teaching responsibilities.

6. Service Back to the District

Many districts and principal Interns have entered into agreements designed to protect the investment of time and resources provided through the district by stipulating that an intern agrees to serve the district for a given period after the program’s successful conclusion.