Principal Competencies

UVEI bases its approach to school leadership upon a series of competencies that encompass the outcome-based standards required by Vermont and New Hampshire.  These competencies – demonstrated performances of vision, skill and knowledge – offer an alternative to traditional course work for those who seek to become principals and other school leaders.

Successful completion of the UVEI program is based on mastery of a core set of leadership competencies that derive from the National Professional Standards for Educational Leaders.  The competencies reflect the complex array of skills and attributes that are required for successful school leadership.

1  Fostering a shared vision

2  Modeling professional learning and ethical practice

3  Fostering equity and cultural responsiveness

4  Developing the professional capacity of teachers

5  Fostering professional community

6  Leading school improvement

7  Developing coherent curriculum, instruction and assessment systems

8  Managing school operations and resources

9  Cultivating a climate of care and support for students

10  Engaging families and community