How do we strive to lead schools in a good direction, from whatever starting point? In this inquiry, you will incorporate research and expert knowledge related to understanding and driving school improvement in order to develop and refine how to engage your school community in change. To accomplish these goals, you will closely examine change efforts underway in your school, and identify and collaboratively plan focus areas for improvement. Finally, you will provide evidence of comprehensive plans for leadership of a teacher learning oriented change initiative.

This series is also offered (for five or more teachers) as a school-based inquiry.

Upcoming Schedule:

Last chance to register for spring 2022. All sessions are online via Zoom.

  • Thursday, May 12th 4:30-7:30, Design Thinking & Continuous Improvement
  • Tuesday, May 17th 4:30-7:30, How Schools Improve & Teacher Learning
  • Tuesday, May 31st 4:30-7:30, Tuning Improvement Designs

Credits and Cost:

  • 2-3 credits
  • $450 per credit