Continuous learning through deliberate practice is the hallmark of an educator’s journey towards expert performance. Specialized Inquiry into Practice is designed to provide individualized, one-on-one support, through professional goal setting and coaching, for educators working towards specific goals. Educators may work towards any designated competency. Learning experiences include candidates developing a focused personalized learning plan; engaging in coaching cycles of a pre-conference, observation (or other practicum), and post-conference; followed by a revision of the learning plan. Practicum experiences include the deliberate practice required to achieve the goals, which may include observations, self-study, or practice of target skills. Educators should expect to spend approximately fifteen hours in direct experience and an additional thirty hours of further study and practice over the course of the inquiry. Assessment is based on demonstration of target skills using related performance tasks and rubrics as appropriate.

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Credits and Cost:

  • 2-3 credits
  • $550 per credit