Coordinator of the Barnes Initiative for Collaborative Learning and Program Faculty

What brings me to education…

I believe schools should equip students with the tools they need in order to create the kind of life that they want to live, and not necessarily the life that we think they should live.  There are many factors of school that can help or hinder students’ outcomes and their sense of self-determination, from school size and diversity, to finances and policies, to zip code and geography, and more.  For me, however, the most interesting factor that influences student outcomes is teachers and their sense of efficacy, both as individuals and collectively.  Specifically, I am curious about the ways in which teachers can be inspired and empowered to create the conditions that help students to create their ideal lives.

I’m excited to join UVEI–an organization that embraces education theory and practice as two sides of the same coin–because of its long-standing commitment and proven track record to improving student outcomes throughout Vermont and New Hampshire


Adam Norwood, EdD, is the Coordinator of the Barnes Initiative and a faculty member in the Teacher, School Leadership, and Masters of Education Programs.

Adam served as Lyndon Institute’s Assistant Head of School for Student Affairs for 12 years where he was responsible for the academic aspects of the school including the creation of “J-Term,” a 3-week interim session where students engage in intensive project-based learning opportunities created by Lyndon Institute’s faculty (and sometimes co-created with students).

In addition to his work at Lyndon Institute, Adam was the principal at Bradford Elementary School in Bradford, Vermont; a high school math teacher; and an adjunct faculty member at Southern New Hampshire University and Northern Vermont University.

Adam earned his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. His research is primarily concerned with understanding experiences that contribute to the skill development of teachers as well as how teachers make sense of these experiences.

Practice Interests

Adam’s practice interests include mentoring, instructional leadership, deeper learning, applied research, and networked learning.

Presentations and Panels

Presenter: “J-Term From Soup to Nuts” Deeper Learning Conference; March, 2018, San Diego, California.


Dissertation: “The Story of Teacher Skill Development: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.” The goal of this research is to provide an understanding of the experiences that contribute to the skill development of teachers as well as how teachers make sense of these experiences.