Becky Wipfler, MEd

Reading has always been a focus in my life. As a child, I got lost in worlds within the pages of the books I read. I have little memory of learning to read, although I do remember struggling with spelling. Encoding is still a challenge for me – thank goodness for spell check! My focus on literacy education for my Master’s Degree led me on the path to my current role at UVEI, although it was not a straight road, by any means. There were roadblocks along the way – the most significant being my lack of knowledge about how to teach struggling readers to decode. I taught myself how to use the Wilson Reading system by watching VHS tapes in the closet of my new classroom. I requested to attend two week-long Orton-Gillingham training. Both of these helped immensely, along with the mentorship of experienced reading specialists with much more extensive knowledge and training. I became passionate about learning as much as I could about Dyslexia, and put together a program to teach students, teachers, and community members about dyslexia, and strategies for teaching, learning, and advocating for these students. Developing a robust Literacy Educators Program that addresses the breadth and depth of content, skills, and practice required for teaching reading is a challenge: one that I have been thrilled to take on and share with educators and leaders in VT/NH. Never has there been a more important time for students to feel empowered to read for knowledge and understanding and to communicate their thoughts in the world.


Becky Wipfler, MEd, is the Literacy Educators Program Coordinator at UVEI. She has nine years of teaching experience in elementary and middle schools.  Most recently before coming to UVEI, she was the Literacy Coordinator/Reading Specialist at Richmond Middle School in Hanover, where, in addition to her teaching responsibilities, she coached new and veteran teachers and facilitated a team of teachers interested in school-wide improvement. 

Prior to moving to the Upper Valley in 2013, Becky worked at a K-8 independent school in Northern Virginia, where she taught first grade for two years and Academic Support for four years. She developed a personalized learning plan for each student on her caseload and worked closely with classroom teachers to modify and accommodate for individual student needs. 

Becky graduated from the State University of New York, College at Geneseo and earned a Master of Education in Literacy from the State University of New York, Plattsburgh.  She lives in Lyme, NH with her young twin daughters.

Practice Interests

Becky has designed and delivered inquiries into topics including Project Based Learning, Differentiated Instruction, Data Based Inquiry, and Literacy Instruction and Assessment. During her time as a Literacy Coordinator, she presented to faculty on topics such as Dyslexia and classroom accommodations and school improvement from Data Based Inquiry. Her interests include project based learning, early education, literacy, and supporting reading disabilities.