Nan Parsons, EdD

Equity motivates my thinking, my practice, my ethics and my hope for education.  I believe that we can create schools where gender, race, perceived ability, motivation, intellect, religion, sexual identity and class only enhance equitable opportunities in our schools.  While this requires leaders, faculty members, parents and communities to engage in difficult professional dialogue, I believe the result would be an educational experience for all children that is fair and inclusive.  The growing importance of education equity is based on the premise that now, more than ever, an individual’s level of education is directly correlated to the quality of life he or she will live in the future. (1)  An equitable education provides the foundation for a fair and successful society.

[1} “Ten Steps to Equity in Education” (PDF). Retrieved 4 April 2016.

Nan Parsons, EdD, is UVEI’s Associate Director for School Leadership. She has been a school leader for more than 15 years, serving as principal of both Canaan Elementary School and Lebanon High School in the Upper Valley. Nan has been appointed to several state and national education committees including the National Center for Innovation in Education Think Tank, the NH State Consortium on Educator Effectiveness Committee, the NH DOE’s Ensuring Equitable Access to Excellent Educators Taskforce, the NH State Principal Evaluation Task Force, the NH Behavior Equity Group, Vermont Professional Education Committee, along with serving as Vice Chair and Secretary of the Grantham School Board. She is also the past president of the NH Association of School Principals, were she continues to serve as an active board member who led the Program Evaluation and co-leads the Legislative Committees. Nan earned her doctorate and CAGS from Plymouth State University, and  a Master of Education from Antioch New England Graduate School. She has New Hampshire educator endorsements in a wide range of areas, including: Superintendent, Principal, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, and K-8 Elementary Teacher.

Research and Practice Interests

Nan’s research interest is in the area of dispositions of leadership.


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