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Teacher Certification

Having a great teacher is the single most important school-based factor in successful outcomes for kids. Our internship program prepares people to have exceptional teaching careers through a hands-on licensure program in just 10 months.


Our licensure program is designed for career changers and recent college graduates who are interested in pursuing a teaching career.

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Experiential Learning

The UVEI model differs significantly from university graduate programs in education.  Believing that teaching is an art best learned through practice, UVEI reverses the percentage of time traditionally allotted to academic theory (with us, 20%) vs. classroom practice (80%).  In our internship, each candidate works full-time in a classroom under the supervision of a mentor, chosen from among the best professionals in the region.

This 10 month internship focuses on the mastery of 10 teaching competencies, all of which must be demonstrated by the intern in order to graduate.  This experience is reinforced by weekly seminars and by observation and support from experienced and qualified UVEI faculty coaches.  At the end of their internships, graduates have integrated theory and practice as they acquire a full year of teaching experience.

By the end of the preparation period, UVEI graduates have worked in two schools, at two grade levels, and are ready to enter the profession as competent beginning educators. A schools that hires a UVEI graduate can be sure they are hiring a teacher who not only has demonstrated teaching ability but who has already spent a year in the classroom.  Among our surveyed employers, 96% (five year average) are satisfied with hiring UVEI graduates.