The MEd in Teaching is an intensive, one or two year program designed for educators to enhance their professional skills and to help them transform their schools. It is a unique program driven by inquiry, experience and demonstration of competency, rather than a focus on courses or exams. A large part of the program consists of structured and independent practice in the classroom, and the seminar component of the program blends in person seminars with synchronous online seminars. All seminars take place on weekdays in the late afternoon.
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Successful candidates for the MEd in teaching are self-motivated educators or aspiring educators who want to look deeply at their own practice, think about critical issues, and are interested in meaningful measures of teacher effectiveness.

In the MEd in Teaching, you will demonstrate core teaching competency based on the 10 InTASC standards for teaching (Teacher Internship Program alumni and concurrent interns fulfill this requirement through the Teacher Internship Program); engage in advanced teaching practices that deepen, enrich and extend your teaching; and examine an area of interest or passion in depth through action research. While doing this you will apply the interests, talents, values and goals you already possess to engage with other thinkers; challenge conventional ideas about kids, classrooms and schools; and conduct research to expand your vision of learning for the diverse range of children and youth inside—and beyond—the school.