Our licensure program is a hands-on, 10-month long program designed for career changers and recent college graduates who are interested in pursuing a teaching career.

Experiential Learning

The UVEI model differs significantly from university graduate programs in education. Believing that teaching is an art best learned through practice, UVEI reverses the percentage of time traditionally allotted to academic theory (with us, 20%) vs. classroom practice (80%). In our internship, each candidate works full-time in a classroom under the supervision of a mentor, chosen from among the best professionals in the region.

This 10 month internship focuses on the mastery of 10 teaching standards of competency, all of which must be demonstrated by the intern in order to graduate. This experience is reinforced by weekly seminars and by observation and support

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from experienced UVEI faculty coaches. By the end of their internships, graduates have integrated theory and practice as they have acquired a full year of teaching experience. They have worked in two schools, at two grade levels, and are ready to enter the profession as competent beginning educators. A school that hires a UVEI graduate can be sure they are hiring an educator who not only has demonstrated teaching ability but who has already spent a year in the classroom. Among our surveyed employers, 96% (thirteen year average) are satisfied with hiring UVEI graduates.

How the Program Works

Interns begin with a self-directed induction period in July, an orientation in August and ongoing seminars that take place once-a-week from August through early June.  In the classroom, their responsibilities are increased gradually and deliberately. They instruct classes, work with small groups of students, and otherwise function as real teachers. They are expected to report to school early, attend staff meetings and parent conferences, assess student work and prepare materials at home. As they gain experience in their placements, they are producing evidence of competency on an ongoing basis through observations and coaching conversations, structured performance assessments, and external tests such as the Praxis that are required for licensure.

There are times during the year when the pressures on interns of the program become quite substantial. This pressure is neither accidental nor contrived. Pressure in teaching is a reality with which educators must learn to cope with using skill, resilience and humor.

Work Side by Side with a Mentor Teacher

The mentor teachers in whose classes interns work are chosen from among the best professionals in the region. Interns are observed and supported by faculty coaches on the UVEI staff who are also highly experienced educators. The purpose of the seminars and the aim of the mentor teachers are the same:  to help interns develop and demonstrate their competence as classroom teachers. Demonstrating competence in each of the ten teaching standards is by far the most important requirement for successful completion of the program.

Teacher Licensure

UVEI is a New Hampshire state approved teacher preparation program, and we offer pathways to licensure in the sixteen New Hampshire teaching endorsements listed below. This approval also allows graduates to receive comparable licenses in Vermont as well as in most other states*. UVEI staff assist graduates with the licensure process and provide documentation as needed to help graduates apply for licensure.

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New Hampshire teaching endorsements offered:

  • Elementary Education (K-6)
  • English (5-12)
  • English (5-8)
  • Mathematics, Middle Level (through Algebra/Integrated 1)
  • Mathematics, Upper Level (Pre-Algebra to AP Math)
  • Social Studies (5-12)
  • Social Studies (5-8)
  • Chemistry (7-12)
  • Earth/Space Science (7-12)
  • Life Sciences (7-12)
  • Science (5-8)
  • Physics (7-12)
  • World Languages: French (K-12)
  • World Languages: German (K-12)
  • World Languages: Spanish (K-12)
  • Visual Art (K-12)

*Reciprocal licensure in states outside of New Hampshire is made possible by the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement and acceptance and conditions of reciprocity vary by state. Candidates considering licensure in states outside of New Hampshire and Vermont should research the state’s licensure procedures for out-of-state educators, as there may be additional requirements to consider.